Fredrik Palm

Fredrik Palm

Research and development coordinator
Phone: +46 90 786 90 77
Cell: +46 70 336 44 38


Fredrik Palm is working as a Research and development coordinator at HUMlab. Fredrik Palm has an Informatics degree and a teaching degree in History, Geography, Religion and Social sciences.

Fredrik's role in HUMlab is to act a translator/broker between the needs of researchers and the potentials of information technology. The Textometrica-project (2011-) ( and the publication of the letters of Hjalmar Bergman (2011-) ( are small examples of such collaborative creation. Fredrik is an expert in databases, GIS, visualization, web-development, text-processing and have been working in HUMlab since 2001. Fredrik has good management skills and been involved in writing several research proposals in the EU frame programmes for Research and Development (FP6 and FP7). 

Fredrik Palm initiated the proposal of the QVIZ-project and was the assistant project manager of the FP 6 project (2006-2008). See, where he coordinated technical development and work package leaders. Furthermore he has been involved as development coordinator in the BIOMAP (2008-2010), SHiPS (2009-2011) and the SEAD-project (2008-2013) and "Digital publication of Rock-Carvings at Nämforsen" (2011-2013).  Fredrik Palm was also involved in the DIABAS-project (2003,2010-2015) and ERC-founded project "Mapping the Jewish Sects of the Byzantine Empire" (2012-2013). He was also involved in the CITIZMAP-project founded by Vinnova (2011-2013). Fredrik Palm was also leader of a working group 2 "Visualisation" in Network for Digital Methods in the Arts and Humanities - NeDiMAH (2011-2015).  

Fredrik is involved in Streaming Culture Heritage project (2015-2018), supporting with method and tools to understand the cultural mechanisms behind streaming music services. Fredrik is part of the Digital Files project, collaborating and supporting researcher to analyze old news paper archives. Fredrik is active in the RAVE-project (2015-2017), enabling support for Raising Awareness through Virtual Experiencing using IAT-testing, data analysis and visualization.  Fredrik has an extensive international network and is also part of the Media Place research program.

Through these projects and collaboration with scholars Fredrik Palm is enabling a "meeting place" between Humanities and information technology where the knowledge from the different domains are needed.


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