The short courses are usually geared towards beginners and are intended to provide an initial introduction to a particular subject in order to encourage further experimentation.

 Humlab hosts a number of short courses every term, lasting about three hours. These short courses are free to students and university staff, but there is a charge of 1800 SEK per course for external participants. If you have any questions about these short courses, the best person to contact is Jon Svensson. If you have any suggestions for short courses you would like to see in Humlab, please let us know!

Fall 2017

    • Registration

      Click on the "Registration" link next to the course you wish to register for or you send an email to

      If you are not sure which language a course will be held in, or to find out whether it would be possible to change the language to English for a specific course, feel free to ask by emailing Jon Svensson.

      Some courses are very popular and we can only accommodate a limited number of participants. If you register for a course which is already fully subscribed, you will be placed on a waiting list. This means that you may still be able to participate if another registered participant cancels their registration. You will receive an email about the open slot in this case.

      About the courses

      These short courses generally do not require any prior knowledge, but please always read the course description to be on the safe side. Most courses are intended merely to provide introductions to a subject.

      All participants are welcome to continue working on the subject in the lab once the introductory course is over. It is very helpful to have an account for this purpose.


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