Cooperation: DinoLab

The aim of DinoLab is to underpin cultural and creative industries in Västerbotten.

HUMlab is working in cooperation with DinoLab, a regional project owned by the municipality of Skellefteå.

DinoLab, Digital Idéplatser Norr, began following an initiative from companies operating in the digital/audiovisual element of the cultural and creative industries in Skellefteå. These companies wanted an organisation that could make the most of development concepts at companies already established in the region and then help to implement them in practice. There were previously various initiatives to help new companies, but there were few projects from which established companies could acquire assistance; companies which often had major potential for growth and spin-offs.

The aim of DinoLab is to underpin cultural and creative industries in Västerbotten. This is being achieved by allowing companies to suggest various activities which DinoLab can then help to project-manage, finance, coordinate, etc. Examples of activities implemented include workshops with external lecturers, industry meetings, conferences, development and testing of ideas relating to 3D programming and touchscreen technology, etc. DinoLab also works to promote greater equality and diversity in the digital/audiovisual industry in Västerbotten. 

All activities can be seen on the DinoLab website:

DinoLab will be financed until 31 December 2013 by the EU's regional development fund, and the project owner is the municipality of Skellefteå. The project works in partnership with Luleå University of Technology in addition to HUMlab. The municipality of Umeå, Region Västerbotten and Vinnova are also co-financing the project.


Per Holm, HUMlab:
Anna-Karin Abrahamsson, Project Coordinator DinoLab: