Digitisation and provision of Hjalmar Bergman's correspondence, 1900-1930

Hjalmar Bergman (19 September 1883-1 January 1931) is a prominent and distinctive author in Swedish literature. His rich catalogue of works includes not only novels, novellas and dramas, but also fairytales, screenplays, radio plays and translations. Bergman was also a fairly prolific writer of letters. His correspondence is largely preserved in various archives and libraries, and with the help of HUMlab it has also been published in digital format.


The project was financed by the then Swedish Council for Research in the Humanities and Social Science, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, The Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation and the Swedish Academy. The aim is to make this correspondence a digital research resource, and the letters can be located in a number of different ways. They are also placed in context so that it is possible to see easily which works, individuals, etc. are mentioned in each letter.

In temporal terms, the published correspondence extends over most of Bergman's life, from the young 18 year old's negative experiences of Uppsala, city of learning, and his strong fascination with turn-of-the-century Italy to the 47 year old's longing for death. Text collation, text reviews (comparing the prints to the originals), compilation of various registers and commentaries on the letters included in the project are the work of Professor Emeritus Sverker R. Ek and fil. mag. Marianne Ek. Digitisation of the texts was provided by Fredrik Palm and Patrik Svensson at HUMlab.

If you would like to view or use Hjalmar Bergman's letters yourself, go to http://www.hjalmarbergman.se/ You will also find more information on the project there.