SHiPS is an online service which uses technology produced by the QVIZ project to present information from Tabellverket, which has been digitised in the Demographic Database (DDB) at Umeå University.

Swedish priests throughout history have had the task of documenting various facts about their parishes and then sending this information to the Tabellkommissionen in Stockholm. Information registered included the number of births, deaths and marriages in the parish, but it also included the occupations of the people. Data on the population was reported by sex, age, marital status, occupation and class, usually every five years. The Tabellverket database, which is administered at the Demographic Database at Umeå University, now includes unique data showing statistics on the populations in the parishes between 1749 and 1859. These are the earliest population statistics to be found anywhere in the world.


Users themselves can use SHiPS, Swedish Historical Population Statistics, to search through the Tabellverket data. Users can rediscover this part of Swedish history using maps, tables and diagrams. The program which allows users to search for and visualise data from Tabellverket has been developed by HUMlab staff.

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Contact persons at DDB: Annika Westberg and Mattias Sandström
Contact person at HUMlab: Fredrik Palm