2014 Eduplay Challenge in HUMlab-X

logga eduplaychallengeEduplay Challenge is an initiative that challenges teachers to gamify their teaching. During the fall of 2014 Eduplay Challenge is offering teachers of Västerbotten a creative method support for the schools to learn to use game mechanics and game design thinking in class.

During the fall of 2014, Eduplay Challenge has invited teachers in Västerbotten to participate in workshops and seminars on game based learning, many of them taking place at HUMlab-X.  Finaly, the workshops and seminars will lead up to a 24h "Game Based Learning Hack" where teachers will be allowed to create educational games together with professional artists and developers.

Eduplay Challenge events held in HUMlab-X:

"Game concept development workshop"
Carl-Erik Engqvist
Date: October 9, Time: 6-9 pm
Venue: HUMlab-X

Carl-Erik Engqvist is an artist and artistic leader working at HUMlab and Kulturverket. Among other things, he works with concept development and game production related to culture pedagogical projects.

The workshop will concern understanding and working with games as learning tools, as ways of thinking and as modes of engagement into exploring, reifying and concretise questions regarding power and empathy.

"Games to reach goals and knowledge in school"
Felix Gyllenstig Serrao
Date: October 23, Time: 2-4 pm
Venue: HUMlab-X

Felix Gyllenstig Serrao is first teacher in Gothenburg. He also runs the blog Spelläraren (http://spellararen.se) where he writes about how you can use games in pedagogy in teaching. The blog has been acknowledged in media several times and Felix is an often seen guest in SVT and Radio. He also runs a project with Minecraft classes where he teaches other teachers how to use Minecraft as a tool in the classroom.

How can school use games to reach goals and knowledge? How do you make school more exciting and fun? Felix will share his experiences and show actual examples of games in classrooms and what pedagogical models he uses when he creates classes with a game focus. He will also discuss what distinguishes a good game from a bad when it comes to learning.

The 2014 Eduplay Hackaton

October 27-28, 24 hrs starting at 5 pm October 27.
Read all about the event at: http://www.eduplaychallenge.org/