Genres of Scholarly Knowledge Production #goskp2014

December 10-12, 2014
Preliminary Program (still subject to changes and additions)

December 9 (pre-conference seminars) 

1:15 pm "Social Media and Feminist Activism against Rape Culture"
Carrie Rentschler, McGill University

3:00 pm "The Afterlife of the Humanities"
David Theo Goldberg, UC Humanities Research Institute

December 10

Venue: HUMlab, Main Campus

09:00 Registration and coffee

10:00 Opening of the Conference

Welcome by co-chairs Patrik Svensson and Shannon Mattern

Marianne Sommarin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research

Welcome by HUMlab director Cecilia Lindhé

10:10 Setting the Stage

Patrik Svensson with friends

10:45 Theme: Platforms

Matt Ratto, "The Pathologies of Platforms"

David Theo Goldberg, "The world as Platform"

Phil Buckland, "Research Databases as Infrastructural Platforms: SEAD and Beyond"

Shannon Mattern, "Critiquing Platform Thinking: Libraries as Example"

Mandana Seyfeddinipur, "Knowledge Platforms and Diversity"

12:15 Bag lunch

1:00 pm "Creativity as Platform?" Christer Nordlund

1:30 Lightning talks round I

 "Visceral "Tableaux": the "Hyper-vision" of Digitized Contemporary Art Photography", Amy DaPonte

"Tracing and enacting music: Effects and Architecture of Online Streaming Platforms", Maria Eriksson

"Digital platforms for Dis/Orders", Anna Johansson

"Crossing Borders of (Human) Friendship - Gender, Age and Humanity in Alternative Relations", Johan Hallqvist

"Raising Awareness through Virtual Experiencing", Mats Deutchmann

2:30 Coffee

3:00 "My Body is Every Body". Performance by Carolina Bäckman followed by a dialogue with Shannon Mattern and Anna Misharina

3:30 Theme: Enacting cultural heritage/history

Jonathan Sterne, "Through the Fog of Sonic Memory"

Eleanor Betts, "The Multivalency of Sensory Artefacts"

Märit Simonsson, "Displaying Spaces: Spatial Design, Experience, and Authenticity in Museums"

Fred Turner, "From Screens to Surrounds"

Andrew Prescott, "Digitising Archives"

5:00 pm break

5:10 pm "Questions about Argument", Johanna Drucker

5:40-6:10 Speed dating (for signed-up parties, with snacks)

December 11

Venue: HUMlab, Main Campus

08:30 Franco Moretti, "The "style" of World Bank Reports"

09:00 Theme: The Material Force of Interpretation

Erica Robles-Anderson and Patrik Svensson, "Presentation Software as Occasions for Speech"

Ben Kafka, "The Psychic Life of Media"

Jeanne Jo, "Modular Cinema Spatialized: Multi-Screen Aesthetics and Non-Linear Narrative"

Jonathan Sterne, "Medium Tech in the Humanities"

10:30 Coffee

11:00 Lightning talks round II

"The Gail Project: Rethinking the Photographic Exhibition as a Transnational Collaboration", Alan Christy

 "Recollecting Spatial History with Digital Maps", Peter Bennesved

"Mapping Trauma Narratives - Exploring Meaning-Making Processes on Twitter after Utøya", Moa Eriksson

"Convergence Nature", Finn Arne Jørgensen          

"DIY Humanities", Mats Björkin och Jasmine Idun Lyman

12:00 Lunch

12:30-2:00 pm Theme: Engaging with knowledge

Samantha Gorman, "PRY: a Hybrid Novella-Writing in Symbiosis with Media"

Jennie Olofsson, "intro/outro"

Nicolò Dell'unto, "3D Platforms and 3D Thinking; Visualizing Data Connections to Discuss Archaeological Interpretations"

Simon Lindgren, "Social science in 60 seconds"

2:05 pm Bus to the Arts Campus followed by coffee outside HUMlab-X

2:45 Nick Sousani, "Unflattening: A Comics Dissertation Imagines Scholarship"

3:15 Framing mapping

Lisa Parks, "Footprint Analysis Research"

Todd Presner, "Thick Mapping"

3:45-4:00 Break

4:00 "Making-Interpreting Maps". A discussion convened by Zephyr Frank


Finn Arne Jørgensen

Fredrik Palm

Molly Steenson

5:00-5:45 Artist's talk: "Astroturfing the Collective Imagination.", Lars Cuzner.

Discussants: David Theo Goldberg and Kerstin Smeds

7 pm Dinner

December 12

Venue: HUMlab-X, Umeå Arts Campus

8:30 Anders Ynnerman, "Unpacking Scientific Visualization"

9:00 Coffee

9:20 Theme: Situating Visualization

Jenna Ng, "Viewing Spaces"

Jonathan Worth, "Single Point Perspective and Photography"

Jacob Gaboury,  "Image Objects: An Archaeology of Computer Graphics"

Danielle Albers, "Informing Visualization in the Humanities through Perception and Genomics"

Lauren Klein, "Visualization as Argument"

10:40 Lightning talks round III

"Decolonizing Art", Moa Sandström

 "(Re)enacting Female Status Competition in Republican Rome", Lewis Webb

"Researching Online LGBTQ Spaces", Evelina Liliequist

"Thinking Through Data, Visually", Nicole Coleman

"Visualizing the "Middle Space" of Knowledge Production", Brian Johnsrud

11:40 Lunch

12:15 Space and Knowledge Production: An installation

Patrik Svensson and Anna Misharina

12:30 Pamela M. Lee, "The Aesthetics of the Think Tank"

1:00 Theme: Intellectual Middleware

Anne Balsamo, "The Archive as Boundary Object"

Nishant Shah, "Whetting the Wetware: Intermediary liability and conditions of knowledge production"

Thomas Nygren, ""

Rachel Deblinger, "Mapping meaning in Scalar"

Carrie Rentschler, "Witnessing as middleware"

2:30 Final discussion convened by David Theo Goldberg

3 pm Formal program over

6:30 pm Glögg party in Patrik Svensson's home (for registered participants)

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