Open talks, HUMlab December 10-12, 2014

Part of the conference Genres of Scholarly Knowledge Production

December 10

13:00 "Creativity as Platform?"
Christer Nordlund, Umeå University
HUMlab, main campus
17:10 "Questions about Argument"
Johanna Drucker, University of California, Los Angeles
HUMlab, main campus

December 11

08:30 "The "style" of World Bank Reports"
Franco Moretti, Stanford University
HUMlab, main campus
14:45 "Unflattening: A Comics Dissertation Imagines Scholarship"
Nick Sousanis, Columbia University/University of Calgary
HUMlab-X, Umeå Arts Campus

December 12

08:30 "Unpacking Scientific Visualization"
Anders Ynnerman, Linköping University
HUMlab-X, Umeå Arts Campus
12:30 "The Aesthetics of the Think Tank"
Pamela M. Lee, Stanford University
HUMlab-X, Umeå Arts Campus