Historical thinking and digital aids in history teaching

Umeå Stanford teacher conference, May 7, 2014

Time: Wednesday May 7th, 2014, 10.00-15.00
Venue: HUMlab Umeå University (below the University Library)

History teaching should according to new syllabi, stimulate critical thinking and problematize various uses of history. Through a unique collaboration with researchers in history education from Umeå University and Stanford University, you as a teacher are welcome to meet and discuss new perspectives on learning in history and using digital tools.

A day filled with lectures and workshops involving educational materials and digital resources from the United States and Sweden will in a tangible way be presented and used. For example, we will highlight the practice of history surrounding Columbus, 9/11, the outbreak of the First World War and 'the Tudors'.

The latest research on digital media and historical thinking is presented and results are associated with teaching practice in secondary education. Through workshops and talks, we want to share experience and discuss the possibilities and problems of todays' and tomorrow's teaching of history.

Presentations and workshops take place partially in English. If possible please bring a laptop computer with updated Java and Google Chrome.

Participating researchers include:

Thomas Nygren, Kristina Ledman & Björn Åstrand Umeå universitet
Joel Breakstone, Mark Smith, Brad Fogo, Jolie Matthews & Brian Johnsrud Stanford University

Questions? Please contact: thomas.nygren@humlab.umu.se