Future for the Past (Digital transduction and visualization of historical materials)

International Conference, 12-14 February 2018 at the Swedish Institute in Athens, Greece

The conference is funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and organized by Humlab, UmeƄ University, in collaboration with the Centre for Critical Cultural Heritage Studies, Gothenburg University.

Contact: Anna Foka, Humlab

Future for the Past (Digital transduction and visualization of historical materials)

Historians, linguists, and archaeologists are gradually focusing more on the digital transduction of texts and materials. Repositories, databases, 3D artifacts, immersive environments, interactive maps, and computer games are means by which the past is currently reproduced and conveyed. Taking into consideration that digitization creates a representation that shares some of the attributes of an original, the purpose is to explore the aesthetic, political, economic, and (im)material dimensions of digitization and further visualization of past texts and materials.

Themes include: 1. Visualizing Interfaces: Digitized Manuscripts, and Interactive Maps; 2. Augmented, Virtual, Gaming, and Mixed Media; 3. Implementation, Infrastructures, Policies, and Citizen Science (i.e., archives, creative and cultural heritage industry).

In addition to academic deliverables, the conference will use the unique environment of the Swedish Institute of Athens and its surroundings (a broad range of museums and repositories around, archaeological sites) to bridge humanistic questions with business management (creative and cultural heritage industry, tourism, and advertising). The workshop, overall, aims to contextualize digitization within academia, museums/cultural institutions and tourism, reenactors and the public.

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