All are welcome at Humlab seminars!

Since 2002, Humlab has hosted almost 200 seminars as part of its Humlab seminar series. These seminars have featured a mix of upcoming and leading international scholars, as well as speakers from industry and culture. Previous speakers include Katherine Hayles, Jennifer Brook, Jane McGonigal, Sven Strömqvist and Alan Liu.

Spring seminars


Archived versions of our streamed seminars are normally made available to view online in the late afternoon on the day of the seminar. Check out our seminar archive.

About the Humlab seminar series

The Humlab seminars allow Humlab to provide opportunities to discuss ongoing research, artistic projects, technical solutions and more in a constructive, intellectually challenging and informal way. These seminars are often joint ventures between Humlab and other institutions and organisations.
No registration required.

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