Virtual Reality for archaeology. Technological fetishism or research tool?

Datum: 2017-03-24
Tid: 14.15 - 15.00
Plats: Humlab – under Universitetsbiblioteket (UB), H2
Evenemanget vänder sig till: studenter - allmänheten - anställda

Different digital technologies can serve as tools for modelling the data archaeologists collect in the field. Lately, the development of platforms and hardware for Virtual Reality is catching the attention of researchers and developers worldwide. The users, interacting with the virtual world, experience embodiment and immersion facilitating an direct cognitive approach to the elements presented. I will show how these media can be used for mapping the interaction between different data sources and support an interpretative process based on the “data-experience”.


Speaker: Claudia Sciuto, Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies
Arrangör: Humlab
Kontaktperson: Jon Svensson
Telefon: 090 7868003
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